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Florida Office of Financial Regulation
Company Directory: Search Results

The Office of Insurance Regulation company search service can provide full names, business addresses, and identifying information for companies/entities doing business in the State of Florida. Please view the disclaimer before using this service for the first time.

You can search by any combination of company name, company type, address type, and authorized lines of business. To search by name, type in as much of the company's/entity's name as you think is accurate. The service will provide a list of results, if more than one possible match to your search is found. Once a match is found, you may review the list of Companies in Receivership to see if the company has been placed in receivership.

For AGIC, Inc. (NAIC code 13698), the PIP Contact is Kathryn Kaufman, 4054 Sawyer Road, Sarasota, FL 34233, phone (941) 256-8893 fax (941) 256-8733 (no email). Due to its status as a suspended company, AGIC, Inc. will not appear in the search below.


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The Office of Insurance Regulation company search does not require you to know exactly how Office of Insurance Regulation has the company's name recorded. It will take your input and return every name that contains your input as it appears in any part of all records. In other words, if your search is:


then the search will return all the names that have "Floricorp" in any part of the record. For example:


If you entered

Floricorp P

you would get only


Note that even though the whole name is searched, the service still looks for an exact match. So if you entered


(i.e., with a comma) you would only get


Office of Insurance Regulation

200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Fl 32399
(850) 413-3140

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